Regency: The People from Matthew Busch on Vimeo.

Columbia Regency mobile home park has been steeped in controversy. In August, Crockett Engineering Consultants, on behalf of Regency of Missouri Inc., submitted plans to Columbia’s Planning and Zoning Commission to rezone the property and sell it to Aspen Heights, a Texas-based student housing development company. If the property were rezoned, park residents would be forced to vacate the property.

Residents of the park found out through local news reports two weeks before the city’s meeting on the issue. At that meeting, the Planning and Zoning Commission voted against recommending the rezoning plan to the Columbia City Council. The issue was then put before the council Oct. 17.

The council tabled the issue at its meeting after a request from the developer. The issue of whether to rezone the park will be picked up again Nov. 21. Meanwhile, the park community waits for a decision.